How to Transport a Christmas Tree Without Damaging Your Ford

How to transport a Christmas tree

Every December you take your family out to your favorite Christmas tree farm or lot to choose the perfect tree for your living room. For many families, that is the easy part and getting it home can be a challenge. With a few tips, you can transport a Christmas tree safely and without damaging your Ford.

  • Trust the experts. If there are workers willing to do the job for you, then let them. They handle hundreds of trees each year, while you likely deal with just one.
  • Use a blanket. Whether you are driving home with the tree on the roof of your Explorer or in the bed of your F-150, lay down a blanket or tarp first to prevent scratches.
  • Trunk goes first. Place the tree on your roof with the trunk pointing towards the front of your car. This is the most aerodynamic way to transport a tree.
  • Tie it down. Bring more rope or twine than you think you will need. If you have roof rails, use those. Otherwise, open the doors to find a secure place to tie down instead of going through the windows. Give it a good tug before you drive away.
  • Drive slowly. Avoid the highways and drive at a cautious pace.

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