The year 2017 has drawn to a close, and the results are in: The Ford Mustang was officially the best-selling muscle car of 2017 here in the United States. In fact, its two closest competitors, the Chevrolet Camaro and the Dodge Challenger, weren’t even all that close.

Ford managed to sell a grand total of 81,866 Mustangs in 2017. Many of those Mustangs came straight from the lot here at Two Rivers Ford. For comparison, Chevrolet only managed to sell 67,940 units of the Camaro, which is 13,926 fewer Camaros than Mustangs. That might not sound like much, but that’s a whopping 17% less than Ford.

It’s even more grim for the Dodge Challenger, which sold 21% less than the Mustang, at a grand total of just 64,537 models that were moved off dealership lots.

So what made the Mustang so much more appealing? It could be its wide range of efficient yet powerful engines or its innovative tech. The 2018 model release also drummed up excitement—so much so that Ford sold 7,714 new 2018 Mustangs in December alone, accounting for nearly 10% of its total Mustang sales for the year.

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