Follow These Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Car

spring cleaning your car

March has finally arrived, and winter is in the rearview mirror. Though you may be thinking of spring cleaning your house, be sure to leave time for spring cleaning your car ahead of your next road trip.

Here are the most important tips for spring cleaning your car:

  • Don’t skip the car wash: You can certainly wash and wax your car at home, or leave it to the professionals. Either way, you will want to give it a good wash, especially if you encountered any snow and road salt this winter. We had a surprising amount here in the Nashville area, so it’s likely your car needs a wash.
  • Look under the hood: Lift up the hood to clear out any debris, like leaves and dirt. We’ll also top off all your fluids during your next maintenance visit.
  • Clear out the trash: Take a couple trash bags out with you and empty out the interior of your car. This will make the rest of the cleaning easier.
  • Vacuum, dust, and spray: Vacuum the interior of your car (and carpet clean if necessary), but don’t forget to dust the dashboard. You’ll also want to take glass cleaner to wipe down the windows and mirrors.

Don’t forget to get your routine maintenance done at Two Rivers Ford, too. That will help your car run well for years to come.

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