What’s Your Story? – Chad Corcoran

What’s Your Story? – Chad Corcoran

Every now and then, we at Two Rivers Ford honor one of our employees with an employee spotlight. This month, we’d like to put the spotlight on one of our members of the Parts Department: Chad Corcoran.

Chad originally hails from New Orleans, Louisiana. Because of this, we’re not surprised that his favorite sports team happens to be the New Orleans Saints. Now, though, he’s settled 15 minutes away from Two Rivers Ford in Hermitage and, with his 17 years of industry experience and impressive knowledge of vehicles, we couldn’t be happier to have him working with us for the past eight months.

In his spare time, Chad doesn’t stray too far from his day job. In fact, he loves cars so much that he is often sprucing them up. This, along with photography, frequently takes up his hours away from the dealership. He also enjoys watching his favorite television show, Wheeler Dealers.

As you might expect, Chad is a big fan of Ford cars. His dream car happens to be a Ford Focus RS and he currently owns four Fords – three Ford Taurus SHO models and a Ford Ranger. Taurus SHO models are actually the performance-oriented version of the regular Taurus. In fact, when asked what vehicle matches his personality the most, Chad said the Taurus SHO because it’s both simple and complex.

To meet Chad and all of our friendly staff at Two Rivers Ford, we’d love for you to pay us a visit.

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