Ford Reveals Range for Electric Mustang-Inspired Crossover

Ford Mustang

This past April at its Go Further events, Ford announced that a new Ford Hybrid banner would be home to the 16 new electrified vehicles set to be released in the coming years in Europe. Of those vehicles, one of the most notable is the Mustang-inspired electric performance crossover, which is as stylish as it is smart. At the event, Ford revealed that the new electric Mustang-inspired crossover would deliver a maximum driving range of 370 miles.


The Mustang-inspired crossover also takes design cues from the Ford Explorer, and it’s called Mach 1. Although somewhat little has been said about the crossover since Ford announced it in January 2018, the announcement that the vehicle will have a driving range of 370 miles significantly overpasses Ford’s previous announcement that the vehicle would have a range of over 300 miles. With such an impressive range, other vehicles in the lineup are expected to have equally impressive hybrid electric performance.

Smart Vehicle Line-up

With its new Ford Hybrid lineup, Ford is poised to capture a large portion of the hybrid electric market. As Stuart Rowley, the president of Ford of Europe, stated, “Ford Hybrid vehicles will make electrification relevant and attainable for more drivers than ever before. From Fiesta to Transit, every new vehicle we introduce will feature an electrified version that best suits the needs of our customers in an affordable way.” Not only will the vehicles feature state-of-the-art technologies, but they will also be affordable. “Along with advances in technology and connectivity, the models introduced today are just the start of our plans to develop a comprehensive line-up of smart vehicles for a smart world.”


Stop by Two Rivers Ford to test-drive one of the current Mustang models we have on our lot. It’s a great way to distract yourself as we all anticipate the release of the new electric Mustang-inspired crossover.

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