Aluminum Lowers Repair Costs on Ford F-150

2019 Ford F-150

Ford has replaced the steel on the Ford F-150 with military-grade aluminum alloy. Many originally thought this change would create higher repair costs, but the Highway Loss Data Institute actually found that the new F-150 has a claim severity that’s 7% less than the previous generation, lowering the repair costs.

Defying Expectations

Prior aluminum vehicles had a higher collision claim, which is why many thought the F-150 would follow suit. However, Matt Moore, senior vice president of the Highway Loss Data Institute said, “Simply put, when we look at the overall losses relative to the other pickup trucks, there’s not a change, which was not consistent with expectations.”

More Efficient & Lightweight

Aluminum makes the current F-150 more efficient and lightweight. Plus, aluminum is less expensive to fix. Accordingly, replacement parts are 16% cheaper than the previous version.

New Training

Ford is also training dealerships to provide repairs with new equipment, which could also be lowering repair costs. The new equipment has a fairly high upfront cost that could reach $40,000, but people, such as Doug North, president of North Brothers Ford in Westland, Michigan, have made it clear that they believe the equipment is well worth the cost.

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