Back-to-School Driving Tips

With the return to school, the road gets more congested. That’s why it’s more important than ever for you to practice safe driving habits. Here are some back-to-school driving tips to keep in mind.

Commuting to school

When school buses are on the road, it’s best to provide them with more space when following than you would with a normal car. Each time the bus stops to load or unload children, make sure you’re at least 10 feet away to give children enough room. During the school year, children may also walk or bike to class, so be on the lookout.

School drop-off

Most schools have a drop-off procedure to keep things moving smoothly, so familiarize yourself with the school’s guidelines. Even if there’s a long drop-off line, don’t drop your kids off across the street from the school. Also, be sure to never double-park, since it limits others’ visibility.

Remember to stop at stop signs or red lights without blocking the crosswalk so pedestrians don’t try to move around your car and into traffic. You should also pay attention to school patrol officers and crossing guards.


We at Two Rivers Ford hope that your children have a great school year and that you have a stress-free commute. Ensure your vehicle is ready for the drive by getting it inspected at our service department.