Ford Truck Month is (March) Madness

Ford Truck Month is (March) Madness

March is the Month of the Underdogs

If you’re a college basketball fan in any capacity, or really just a sports fan, then you’ve probably spent a portion of this week watching the first two round of March Madness. It’s one of the most unique times of the sports year, where blue blood programs like Duke, Kansas, and Kentucky compete for the NCAA National Championship, alongside programs you never knew existed, like St. Peter’s and Longwood. It’s exciting and unique because of how unpredictable and thrilling the action is, year in and year out. This week alone, we watched the St. Peter’s Peacocks take down #2 Kentucky and #7 Murray State, two strong, premier college programs. St. Peter’s is a Jesuit university located in Jersey City, NJ, that plays in the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference. Before this week, I’d venture to say that 1% of college basketball fans had ever heard of the school. Now, after two big tournament wins, they’re the talk of college hoops. It’s fun and exciting to root for an underdog, and for that reason, we wish them good luck in the Sweet 16 and beyond. Go Peacocks!

While we’re rooting for SPU, they’re not our favorite college team. It’s not the UT Vols or Vandy, either…it’s the Fordham University Rams. 


Two Rivers’ Teams

Unfortunately, the Rams didn’t make it to the big dance this year. They finished 16-16, and haven’t made the NCAA Tournament since 1992. They’ve got 4 appearances all time, and have made the Sweet 16 once.

Maybe next year is the year!

If we had to choose another team, it would be the Boise State (Ford) Broncos. The Broncos made the tournament this year, but lost in the first round to Memphis. 

Hey, we’ll take that, state pride!

After the Ford teams though, UT, Vandy, and Memphis are the obvious choices.

Sadly, the UT Vols and Memphis Tigers lost in the 2nd round of the tournament this year. Both teams had outstanding seasons, and gave the great state of Tennessee a LOT to be proud of! Our other local team, the Vanderbilt Commodores, beat Dayton yesterday at Memorial Gymnasium, moving on to the Elite 8 of the NIT Invitational. The Dores will face Xavier University this week, Go Dores!

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March Isn’t Just for Basketball Though

March is the big time for college basketball, BUT IT’S ALSO FORD TRUCK MONTH!

If you’ve spent the last few weeks gambling your money away, and betting on your bracket, well here’s something reliable for you…

A Ford truck is the safest bet out there!

Since 1948, the Ford F-150 has been the most popular motor vehicle on the road. And for the last 3 decades, it’s been the best-selling vehicle in the United States!

Come visit us at Two Rivers Ford this month and see what kind of savings we’ve got for you. If there’s one thing that you can always bet on, it’s a Ford pickup. Your bracket might be busted, but a Ford truck will run strong, March after March!

On This Day in History

March 21 - Calendar Icon. Vector Illustration of One Day of Month Stock  Illustration - Illustration of 2021, white: 153395025

  • In 2006, the first tweet was ever sent by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey
  • In 1985, 7x All-Pro, 2012 MVP, and brief Tennessee Titans running back Adrian Peterson was born
  • In 1965, the Martin Luther King Jr.-led civil rights march from Selma to Montgomery, AL began
  • In 1963, the infamous Alcatraz Prison in the San Francisco Bay was closed for good
  • In 1918, the 2nd Battle of the Somme began in World War I
  • In 1685, German composer Johann Sebastian Bach was born



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